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Poster Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

A poster is a visual representation of an author’s scientific researchin-depth technical discussions. The purpose of the poster is to outline a piece of work in a form that can be quickly and efficiently communicated with the intention of stimulating interest and discussion. The presenters must be available to discuss their posters with other attendees. The most effective poster sessions allow enough time for each attendee to meet with a significant number of the poster presenters.In addition, attendees find that poster sessions a good way to sample many papers in parallel.

You should set up your poster during the 30 minutes just prior to the Poster Session. Plan to remain with the poster for the entire session and then take your materials down immediately.If possible, more than one author should attend the session to aid in the presentations and discussion, and to provide the main presenter with a chance to rest, and to answer questions.

Prepare a one-minute pre-poster overview and a short presentation (several minutes) that you can periodically give to those assembled around your poster. Be ready to give it several times as people move though the area. Plan to spend the entire session at your poster.

Your poster should cover the KEY POINTS of your work. It should NOT attempt to include all the details; you can describe them to those that are interested. The ideal poster is designed to (1) attract attention; (2) provide a brief overview of your work; and (3) initiate discussion.

For a successful and productive conference, all presenters should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Size of Poster: (Max.) Breadth 90 cm x Length 120 cm; recommended A0 (841mmx1189mm)
  • Orientation of your poster must be in portrait style.
  • Lettering: the poster should be easily readable at a distance of two meters. Avoid using mixture of type/font style
  • Title: Font size 60, Cambria Bold
  • ICITE2018Logo: 3.5cm x 5cm, Top-Right corner
  • Name: Font size 40, Arial MT Rounded Bold
  • Affiliation: Font size 36, Arial MT Rounded Bold
  • The body of poster should contain the following:
    • a. Abstract: Font size 36, Times New Roman
    • b. Introduction: Font size 32, Times New Roman
    • c. Experimental Methods: Font size 32, Times New Roman
    • d. Results: Font size 32, Times New Roman

  • Graphics, Tables, Images and other Caption for Graphics, Tables and Images, Font size 32, Times New Roman Bold Italic 8. Discussion: Font size 32, Times New Roman 9. Conclusion: Font size 32, Times New Roman
  • References: Font size 32, Times New Roman formatted as per IEEE standards:
  • All presentations are to be in English. You should understand and respond to audience questions in English
  • Your poster should cover the key points of your work.
  • Use color for highlighting and to make your poster more attractive. Think about what attracts you to posters and other visual displays. BE CREATIVE! Use pictures, diagrams, cartoons, figures, etc., rather than text wherever possible
  • Make your poster as self-explanatory as possible. This will save you time to use for discussions and questions.

The template for the poster shown below.