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Tutorial Talk-I

Artificial Intelligence – A day to learn … a lifetime to master


This tutorial session will elucidate the development of Artificial Intelligence and the roads ahead. Along that trajectory, the current trend in AI and how this current 3rd wave of hardware accelerated big data driven AI is seeing unprecedented success will also be discussed. Thereafter, a hands on training will be given in creating functional AI using modern tools. The participants will be able to create chatbots after the session, and develop a fair understanding to implement computer vision, predictive analytics and apply AI to their work independently. The total session takes between 3 to 5 hours depending on the technical orientation of the audience and prior preparation. No commercial tools will be used or products discussed. This session is delivered only in personal capacity and is not endorsed by my employers or affiliates.


Abhishek Choudhary has 20+ years of R&D in Neural Engineering, Medical Devices Technology, Telemedicine, Remote Diagnostics, Augmented Reality, Robotics & AI (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics and Data Sciences).

His Qualifications include Engineering (medical electronics, product design and computer science), Management, Law, Linguistics and Philosophy. His Research interests are in Brain-computer Interface and Brain Implants (electro-chemical implants for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and developmental cognitive disorders), Technological Singularity and Transhumanism.

He Conceptualized and built internationally recognised / awarded telemedicine devices (HMSEI / RDK / Dr Rho), blended reality autonomous vehicles (TARA) and cognitive robots (ANGEL). He is an accomplished innovator with multiple patent filings and publications.

He started his career as a freelancer in 1996 working on embedded systems, compilers and device drivers. He went on to be an Entrepreneur between 2000 – 2006 building telemedicine systems and cognitive autonomous systems. He spent some time working on financial regulatory analytics in London, UK. He setup and lead human computer interface (HCI) systems team at a Cummins franchise. He worked in areas related to supercomputing (HPC) and intelligent systems at Hewlett Packard. Later on, he grew and led the hardware virtualization team at IBM India between 2011 – 2015. Presently, he is working on hardware acceleration for machine learning and deep learning @ibmPowerAI – OpenPOWER.